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Matchbericht: RedZones vs. CERN Wildcats

That was some action on the Grosse Allmend last Saturday!

That was some action on the Grosse Allmend last Saturday!

On a cold, rainy and windy Saturday afternoon the fight started. RedZones against Cern Wildcats. Starting at the kick-off it was a battle. Thanks to a successful penalty kick Cern managed to get the first points on the board. We fought back and managed to play out our game plan most of the time, which led to a converted try short after.

Half an hour into the game we stood 5m in front of the Try line. We were determined to win Cern’s scrum and so we did. Unfortunately Cern’s hooker got injured in this action, which led to a 30 min break until the ambulance came to pick her up. (We’re glad that she’s not badly hurt and wish her a quick recovery)

Back in the game the battle continued. Everybody on the field fought as hard as possible. We were confronted with many challenging attacks but managed to react accordingly. In the end it was a hard game with a worthy opponent. The battle was exhausting but we won well-deserved with 12:3.

A big Thank You to all our supporters who came to watch the game and stayed for such a long time in this awful weather!!